Dumpster Permits


Any hauling company who places a dumpster in the public right-of-way within Fort Madison's city limits must complete a Dumpster Permit Form at City Hall, 811 Avenue E, at least two (2) weeks prior to the placement of the dumpster.

Dumpster Permit

Dumpster/Trailer Permit Requirements:

  1. No dumpster/trailer shall be placed upon city sidewalks or curbs. 
  2. All dumpsters/trailers shall be placed on level ground.
  3. No dumpster/trailer shall be placed and allowed to remain standing upon any public property or thoroughfare, without the owner of said dumpster first obtaining a permit from the Public Works Department which indicates the dates the permit is valid.
  4. All dumpsters/trailers shall display a red light or reflective device which allows the dumpster/trailer to be plainly visible from a distance of 200 feet in all directions and shall not be parked within 25 feet of any street intersection.
  5. If it is determined by the Chief of Police or the Public Works Director that the dumpster/trailer is creating a traffic hazard, it will be required to be relocated to a new spot within 24 hours of receiving notification.
  6. This permit does not pertain to businesses with a regularly scheduled trash collection.
  7. Construction trailers may be parked in the City right-of-way not to exceed 30 days provided construction is actively being performed throughout this period.
  8. If the undersigned applicant fails to adhere to the requirements of this permit, they shall be in violation and be expected to pay double the permit fee.


$20.00 per week



$25.00 to dig in right-of-way

$50.00 to dig in any street


$20.00 per month

Dumpster Permits can be emailed to the Public Works Director.

More Information

For more information, please contact the Fort Madison Public Works Department at (319) 372-7700.

  1. Mark Bousselot

    Public Works Director