Tree & Bench Memorial Program

The City of Fort Madison is now offering a Tree & Bench Memorial Program as a unique way to honor the life of a loved one while providing benefits to the community and environment. The Parks & Recreation Department sincerely appreciates all monetary contributions to improve the quality of our City's park system.

The Parks & Recreation staff will assist you when choosing the tree species and location within a City Park. The tree selection may vary based on our local nursery's assortment. Trees will be closely monitored and maintained by the Parks & Recreation Department throughout the first year while providing a one-year warranty from the planting date. After the first year, if the tree becomes damaged or diseased, the tree may be required to be removed and will not be replaced. The cost is $450.00 and will include the purchase and planting of the tree, online recognition, and maintenance for the life of the tree. 
Donations can be made at any time throughout the year, but trees will only be purchased and planted during the Spring & Fall.

If you would like to donate a tree, please complete this form.

The design, color and available locations of the benches have been selected by the Parks & Recreation Department to prevent possible vandalism and other anticipated damages. Your $1,500.00 donation would include the purchase and installation of the bench along with a concrete pad, ten-year memorial plaque, and routine maintenance throughout the ten-year period. Donations will be accepted year-round, but benches will only be installed April - October, weather permitting. In the event that your memorial plaque is vandalized, damaged or stolen throughout the ten-year period, the City guarantees to replace the plaque (one time). Once the ten-year period has expired, the donor will be notified and can either follow the renewal procedure, or request the return of their memorial plaque from the bench. If the donor does not respond by the end of the tenth year, the City will have no obligation to honor the bench as a memorial should the bench require critical improvements. After the ten-year period has expired and no renewal has taken place, the memorial plaque will be mailed to the donor.

If you would like to donate a bench, please complete this form.