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Iowa Legislature

The Iowa State Legislature page provides access to information about Iowa legislators and legislation, both current and historical.  

For help navigating the website, the State of Iowa has provided several helpful tutorials.  These four are a great place to start:
Overview of the Iowa Legislative Site - Start here to learn about different parts of the website and where to find information.

Bills Quick Search - Looking for information on a specific piece of legislation?  This video will show you how to do that.

Legislative Contacts - How to find out who your representatives are and how to contact them. FYI - "Links to Legislator Websites" doesn't seem to be available anymore but the rest is still very accurate.

Subscriptions and Bills & Rules Watch - This is a great way to get alerts if you want to follow what is going on with specific legislation or with certain topics or parts of the state government.

Find more video tutorials here.

Iowa Judiciary

The Iowa Judiciary Page provides access to information about court records and forms, jury service, information about attorneys and more.  The Iowa Judicial Branch dedicates itself to providing independent and accessible forums for fair and prompt resolution of disputes, administering justice under law equally to all persons.

Did you know that the Iowa Judiciary has a monthly podcast?  Take a listen to "In the Balance"